Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Wonderful Shower

Yesterday was my NY shower. It was another surprise shower. Another interesting story of course! I was at my parents house in NJ taking care of my sister after her surgery. On my was home I hit an inordinate amount of traffic - redic! Then, just as I was going to turn on to my street, a deer ran out of the woods and hit a car. (yes, it ran into the car, not the other way around.

It was clearly dead from the impact. It was so sad and traumatizing. I started shaking as I pulled onto my road and then the tears started. As I walked into the house, my knees pretty much buckled as everyone yelled "Surprise!".

Never a dull moment!

The party was so nice. My mother in-law is a crazy cook and had made so many delicious dishes. Just about everyone from DH's family was there, including his cousins from LI - havn't seen them since the wedding. We got so many wonderful gifts that our one year old niece kindly helped me open. It was a great day!

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