Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long time, no post

So much has been going on, good and bad. I dont even know where to start?! First off, we are pregnant again. Due Valentine's Day..YAYYY!!!

However, we are still living in NY in an apartment attached to my in-laws....blech. I have no words for this situation or what to do. It looks like we may be headed back down to NC becuase that is about all we can afford! Move and have a life that does not involve living from paycheck to paycheck, or live up here where we and our children can enjoy family.


This is why I haven't posted.. who wants to read this drivel?!?!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Baby Zoolander

Today, you rolled from back to belly for the first time. You did it twice! You rolled towards your crawl ball and the balancing monkey ball. It was so great to see how proud of yourself you are. Then, once you were on your belly, you really got to scooting so that you could get to the toys you wanted. I am pretty impressed!

Daddy still has not seen you roll from belly to back, so when he came home, I plopped you down. You think you could throw your Daddy a bone? Nope! No rolling for him. Good thing I got part of it on camera.


PS - You only roll right! You are like a baby Zoolander!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

My wonderful husband was home sick today. REAL sick. He is coughing like there is an explosion in his chest. SO romantic! BUT, because he was home sick, he got up and made me breakfast. What a wonderful day to start off the most romantic day of the year. Even if I am pretty sure my eggs were surrounded by used up tissues.

So, after breakfast, we headed to the doctors. He has a sever sinus infection - gross! 3 prescriptions later and I had him home, toasty in bed so he could relax.

On our way home, he informed me that we had 6:30 dinner reservations. Considering how he was feeling, I tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted and would not tell me where we were headed.

I dressed LB up in her beautiful Valentine's Day outfit, got ready myself, and we headed out the door. Dinner wound up being at Red Ginger. One of my favorite restaurants. I know he chose that just for me because he would much preferred a steak house! Dinner was amazing. He gave me chocolates, he gave LB and I a dozen long stem roses, and he gave me a gift from the boys as well. He is the sweetest <3.

In the middle of dinner, LB had a blow out. Happy Valentine's Day Mommy! Nothing says "I love you" like a pig poop!

After stuffing myself with sushi, we were headed out. On the way out, the waitress handed me a rose and 6 chocolate covered strawberries. I love Valentine's Day!

We gave LB a float for Florida and the book "counting Kisses". She looked amazing in her outfit.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Dear General Public,

Do not bring your sniffling, sneezing, coughing kid around mine. If you do not have enough smarts to keep your kid in your own home while they are sick, then I feel bad for your kid!

Bringing someone with a hacking cough and a terrible wheeze around a 4 month old, whose immune system has not had a chance to fully develop is disrespectful and wrong. Please use better judgment and keep you and your kids germs to yourself! K.thx.bai!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

I need a Xanax

Lil slept in her crib for the first time last night. It was absolutely heart breaking. I really enjoy having her next to me and being able to put my hand on her chest whenever I want. I miss her : (

I would have kept her in that cradle till college if I could, but she was reaching the weight limit and it was making me nervous. Dave said it was time. It took a bottle of wine and sleeping with the video monitor for me to comply. I wanted to sleep on the floor next to the crib, ya know, to make the transition easier. But, the Hubbs wouldn't allow it. Jerk.

She slept wonderfully and has more space, so I knew it was time. I just wasn't ready to give up on sleeping next to her yet. Ah well, until 7am when she comes in bed with me every morning!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

You rolled!

Today is Daddy's birthday and as a present to him, you rolled from you belly to your back. You did it first on you gym mat, and then in the pack and play! One thing you forgot - to do it in front of him! Every time he tries to watch, you won't do it.

Wow, are you stubborn like your Momma or what?!