Saturday, January 29, 2011

I need a Xanax

Lil slept in her crib for the first time last night. It was absolutely heart breaking. I really enjoy having her next to me and being able to put my hand on her chest whenever I want. I miss her : (

I would have kept her in that cradle till college if I could, but she was reaching the weight limit and it was making me nervous. Dave said it was time. It took a bottle of wine and sleeping with the video monitor for me to comply. I wanted to sleep on the floor next to the crib, ya know, to make the transition easier. But, the Hubbs wouldn't allow it. Jerk.

She slept wonderfully and has more space, so I knew it was time. I just wasn't ready to give up on sleeping next to her yet. Ah well, until 7am when she comes in bed with me every morning!

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