Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6 Weeks

How far along? 6 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 3 lbs. total./Up 1.5 lbs from last week (Damn holidays)
Maternity clothes? Officially wearing the Be-Band with jeans
Sleep: Insomnia seems to be going away and I am sleeping through the night again. Except when the pee fairy visits.
Best moment this week: Telling Bug's parents and family.
Symptoms: The morning sickness kick in as of today. Running to the bathroom all the time and still so tired.
The only movement I feel is gas.
Belly Button: Still a cave and still pierced.
Attitude: I have a very positive attitude, just pissed about what I learned about my maternity benefits.
Food cravings: None
Food aversions:
Almost everything..can't eat much right now.
Gender: Feeling like it is a boy. That is what both gender predictors say as well. My mom thinks it is twins - one girl and one boy.
Labor Signs: Noooo
What I miss: Having lots of energy and eating what I want
What I am looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat.
Weekly Wisdom: Small frequent meals are best
Milestones: We have reached six weeks and Munckie's heart is beating.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Aren't I terrible, I have not written in this blog in almost a week. Bad, bad blogger. Anyways.. It was quite an eventful week, hence why I could not get to a computer. Here is a rundown of my life over the past week.

Wednesday - We hopped in the truck to start the long trek to NY. The 9 1/2 hour trip took us just under 12 hours. Why? Because some disgruntled citizen of Whythville, NC decided to strap a bomb to himself and threaten a post office. Traffic was being diverted everywhere and we sat in traffic for hours. What could have happened in this man's life to make him do something like this the day before Christmas Eve?

After the 8th or 9th hour I began to get so uncomfortable. You would have thought I was 5 months pregnant instead of 5 weeks. Back pain, tremendous cramps and the round ligament pain kicked in full force. I was beginning to think something was wrong with Munckie because of how crampy and horrible I felt. Bottom line - Munckie is still good.

We put a shirt on Colby that said Big Brother. It took them over ten minutes to see it and understand it.

Thursday - Christmas Eve was nice. I spent all day cooking, baking & eating with my MIL. Unfortunately I was on my feet all day which gave me some seriously swollen ankles, but more on that later. Bug waited until his entire extended family arrived at the house and then jumped on the couch to make an announcement. (Totally unlike him if you have ever met him. He was just so excited) He clanged a spoon against his glass and told everyone that we are going to have a baby. There were lots of "ooh's" and "aahh's" and then two seconds later it hit his Grama and there was a loud "WOW". It was really cute.

Friday - We woke up bright and early (six am) to give Colby his gifts and exchange with each other. Bug gave me an "Our First Baby" Christmas ornament, Belly Laughs by Jennie McCarthy, candy, a few things for the baby, chocolate and one more surprise gift to come. He loved his gifts as well. Around 7:30, we opened gifts with MIL & FIL and had breakfast. When we were done we drove to NJ to be with my family. After breakfast, we exchanged gifts. Man are we spoiled. After all Christmas gifts had been opened, my mom gave me a bag of maternity clothes, B-Band, "What to expect", and lotions for the belly. It was really nice and yes, already wearing the B-Band.

The rest of Christmas was spent with my extended family. Everyone started referring to me as "Mom", which I kinda loved. The ankles were huge again. Not sure if I am eating too much salt or just on my feet too much. Who knows.

Saturday - My mother, sister and I went to the movies to see "The Blind Side". It was a very inspirational movie. Brought a few tears to my eyes. Later that evening, we all went out to dinner at one of our favorite local Bar/Restaurants. It was great and nice to just kick back after all of the Holiday Hullabaloo.

Sunday and Monday were spent driving home and relaxing. The drive home was not as bad as the drive up and I was even able to get comfortable. Bug needed a day of rest after all of the driving so it was very convenient that he had Monday off.

Overall it was a great "First Married" Christmas and very nice to see both sides of the family to share our news.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

5 Weeks

Today lil Munckie is 5 weeks growing. Picture is coming when I get my camera back tomorrow.

How far along? 5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Down a 1/2 pound from last week. Up 1.5 lbs. overall.
Maternity clothes? No, but after the bloat, can't really wear regular jeans anymore. I see a B Band in my near future.
Sleep: Exhausted, napping during the day, going to bed early and for some reason, always up by 7:30.
Best moment this week: Telling my family. They are all so excited. My Dad calls me every day to see how I am feeling.
Symptoms: Slight morning sickness, still gassy, tired.
Movement: Nothing unless you count the swirls in the tummy
Belly Button: Still an innie by far. What to do with the Belly Button ring?
Attitude: Nervous as so many girls are leaving the August board due to miscarrying. Still excited.
Food cravings: Fruit
Food aversions: Ranch dressing : (
Gender: Thinking it is a boy
Labor Signs: Negative
What I miss: Going to my gym classes without a care
What I am looking forward to: Our first appointment in 2 weeks
Weekly Wisdom: Not every cramp means something bad is happening
Out of the time period where "chemical pregnancys" usually occur.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Measuring Munckie

Munckie is sooo tiny. About the size of a poppy seed. Our little poppy seed is finding comfort in it's new home and we are praying that it plans on sticking around for another 8 months or so.

Love our lil poppy seed!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Blowout

When I buy jeans, I buy them so they are a close fit in the waist. I would prefer a little extra room, however if I buy the next size up, the butt sags. You see, I have a ridiculously proportioned body. My waist is the equivalent to a Large, but my butt could be a medium, if not a small. I have no ass, which is really unflattering.

Due to the fact that I am just about five weeks pregnant, the bloat is kicking in and making things feel more snug. Even my sweats leave a bit of an elastic indentation in my skin.

Tonight, Bug took me out to get fried pickles, as per the little Munckie's Request. It was the first time I tried to put on jeans in about a week and a half. They were tiiiiiight. Like, lay-down-to-zip-'em-up tight. Oh, the muffintop.

After the appetizer, I felt my button literally blow out of the loop. It was pretty dramatic and I was embarrassed. Luckily my sweatshirt covered it. By the time we were finished with the main course, the zipper had come down on its own.

When we got home, I dropped the draws and low and behold, I had an indentation of a zipper on my lower abdomen. So hott.

While I will not purchase maternity clothes as early as five weeks, I think it is time for a belly band, so that I can still wear my clothes.. Ugh, wonder if it is too late to write a quick letter to Santa..

Friday, December 18, 2009

No Bueno

My doctor told me that I could continue my exercise routine of 4 days a week; 2 at Zumba and 2 at cardio kickboxing. Her only remark was to keep my blood pressure below 140. A lot of people say this is outdated data, but her reasoning makes perfect sense to me. She says a baby's heart rate is already very fast. As my heart rate increases, so does the baby's. If mine gets too high, it could be detrimental - makes sense to me.

Last night was my first class in over a week. Also the first one after my BFP. During the warm up I was A-OK. When we got to cardio, I was concerned, but still felt good so I kept going. When it came time to hit the bags, I began to get cramps. I slowed down, backed off and just marched in place for a while, trying to calm down. It was more of a discomfort than anything else - I am sure it was my bodies way of saying "WTF - I am working for two hearts now so chill out."

For the rest of the night, I had similar cramping. Whenever I coughed, I would get a nasty pain in the center of my ute. Not very pleasant. I was really concerned and vowed to speak to the doctor today.

I woke up with no pain or discomfort. Even the pain I had when I coughed had now gone away. I spoke to the doctor anyway and she reiterated what she originally said. She told me if I was cramping, I was pushing too hard.

Monday is my next class. I am going to try to take it even easier. If I have any sign of cramping or discomfort, it will be the end of cardio classes and on to yoga for me.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My body is swirling

I have some wacky stuff going on today. I feel like my whole abdomen is swirling. Like it is stuck on the tea cup ride and the rest of my body is just hanging out, watching it get dizzy.

I am not exactly experiencing nausea, but the swirls sometimes result in that "too much saliva in my mouth, I know I am going to puke" feeling.

& there is some swirliness going on in the ute that I am assuming is just different changes taking place. They feel more like cramps than anything else and are very minimal.

Let's not forget the lowest part of my abdomen. Something is swirling down below that is making me so gassy and think I have to go to the bathroom like 27 times.

Ah well, I enjoy every second because the end result is totally worth it.

Oh, and my biggest craving today - veggie cream cheese...oooooooo it is so tasty!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4 Weeks

How far along? 4 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up two lbs since I last weighed myself
Maternity clothes? Not yet
Sleep: Too excited to get through a full night, but still doing well
Best moment this week: Our BFP!
Symptoms: Swirly Tummy and GASSY!
Movement: Nothing unless you count the swirls in the tummy
Belly Button: Like a cave
Attitude: So excited
Food cravings: French Fries
Food aversions: None
Gender: ?
Labor Signs: I hope not!
What I miss: Captain Morgan and wine (not together of course)
What I am looking forward to: Our first appointment in 3 weeks
Weekly Wisdom: Still a newb, no wisdom yet
Positive Pregnancy test!

One and a half stripes

After being in NJ, away from Bug and Colbs so long I decided I could not wait another moment to test. I stopped using the bathroom at 4PM yesterday because I was not going to wait until this morning. I was going to test that evening when I landed back in NC.

From 4 PM till midnight when I was able to test, I had more liquids shoved down my throat. Mom was throwin ice tea at me for dinner, Grama was shovin orange juice down my throat when I went to say goodbye. Hell, even the stewardess told me I really needed to drink something otherwise I could get dehydrated. So, 2 sprite's later, I was rocking back and forth on my seat on the plane with my legs crossed.

The surrounding on-lookers were very intrigued. One asked me if I was afraid of flying. Yes, afraid of flying on a full bladder - not recommended!

We got home and I had been starving, so I grabbed a bag of Fritos and let the dog out. I was upstairs, waiting for Bug so I could FINALLY go, when Colby comes trouncing up the stairs in mud. UGG!!! My beige carpets!??!! Oh wait, that is not mud!!! Bug never wipes the dogs feet like I tell him to, so I scream. After a half hour of scrubbing one poopy footprint every two feet of my carpet, it was time.

After going for what seemed like hours, I threw the test on the counter and went to go lay down with Bug and Colby. Three minutes later, Bug, and Me holding Colby went in to investigate. He says, what does one and a half stripes mean??

Ugh, men. It was the test line and then a line about half as dark, but clear as day. He thought they had to be the same darkness. Stripes. Hehe, he cracks me up.

We both went to sit on the bed in absolute shock. We are still in absolute shock. Obviously I did not sleep very well last night. This is going to be a wonderful journey.

Now, who to tell and when?

Monday, December 7, 2009

You are so missed!

Last night, I had a dream about my Pop pop. My Pop was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the summer of '06. He had a successful surgery and it was all removed. He began chemo and radiation treatments. We would take him there wearing a Superman shirt that we bought for him.

He always will be my Superman.

The chemo and radiation made him so weak that he could no longer walk. He lost the battle in March of '07.

My Pop was my best friend. He was a second Father to me. We played sports, went out to lunch, he even bought me my first car. We had a very special bond that will never be replicated. I miss him every day and even though I have pictures, the dreams I have of him every so often are SO much better.

During my dream, my Mom mom went to go pick him up and bring him to mine and Bug's home. When he walked through the door, I ran to him as fast as my legs would take me. I threw open my arms and landed in his. It was the most amazing hug. He was visiting to see our new home and the last thing I remember, he was commenting on our furniture. Then I woke up.

The absolute best part about it was running to him and that great big hug. I miss and love you Pop.

I am taking it as a sign. I do not have dreams about him often, but when I do, good things happen. As I am 5 dpo today, I am taking it as a good sign from him. I love you too, Pop. Te Ammo, XOXO.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My lil man

It is times like this that it is okay that we do have a little babes yet. Because I got this little guy and he has my undivided attention.