Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One and a half stripes

After being in NJ, away from Bug and Colbs so long I decided I could not wait another moment to test. I stopped using the bathroom at 4PM yesterday because I was not going to wait until this morning. I was going to test that evening when I landed back in NC.

From 4 PM till midnight when I was able to test, I had more liquids shoved down my throat. Mom was throwin ice tea at me for dinner, Grama was shovin orange juice down my throat when I went to say goodbye. Hell, even the stewardess told me I really needed to drink something otherwise I could get dehydrated. So, 2 sprite's later, I was rocking back and forth on my seat on the plane with my legs crossed.

The surrounding on-lookers were very intrigued. One asked me if I was afraid of flying. Yes, afraid of flying on a full bladder - not recommended!

We got home and I had been starving, so I grabbed a bag of Fritos and let the dog out. I was upstairs, waiting for Bug so I could FINALLY go, when Colby comes trouncing up the stairs in mud. UGG!!! My beige carpets!??!! Oh wait, that is not mud!!! Bug never wipes the dogs feet like I tell him to, so I scream. After a half hour of scrubbing one poopy footprint every two feet of my carpet, it was time.

After going for what seemed like hours, I threw the test on the counter and went to go lay down with Bug and Colby. Three minutes later, Bug, and Me holding Colby went in to investigate. He says, what does one and a half stripes mean??

Ugh, men. It was the test line and then a line about half as dark, but clear as day. He thought they had to be the same darkness. Stripes. Hehe, he cracks me up.

We both went to sit on the bed in absolute shock. We are still in absolute shock. Obviously I did not sleep very well last night. This is going to be a wonderful journey.

Now, who to tell and when?


  1. I know I've already said it, but CONGRATULATIONS!! :)
    I texted my Russell after you posted about your BFP and he was like "Wow, that's so awesome!" I was like "I knooooow!"
    We are pretty lame.