Thursday, December 17, 2009

My body is swirling

I have some wacky stuff going on today. I feel like my whole abdomen is swirling. Like it is stuck on the tea cup ride and the rest of my body is just hanging out, watching it get dizzy.

I am not exactly experiencing nausea, but the swirls sometimes result in that "too much saliva in my mouth, I know I am going to puke" feeling.

& there is some swirliness going on in the ute that I am assuming is just different changes taking place. They feel more like cramps than anything else and are very minimal.

Let's not forget the lowest part of my abdomen. Something is swirling down below that is making me so gassy and think I have to go to the bathroom like 27 times.

Ah well, I enjoy every second because the end result is totally worth it.

Oh, and my biggest craving today - veggie cream cheese...oooooooo it is so tasty!

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