Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Blowout

When I buy jeans, I buy them so they are a close fit in the waist. I would prefer a little extra room, however if I buy the next size up, the butt sags. You see, I have a ridiculously proportioned body. My waist is the equivalent to a Large, but my butt could be a medium, if not a small. I have no ass, which is really unflattering.

Due to the fact that I am just about five weeks pregnant, the bloat is kicking in and making things feel more snug. Even my sweats leave a bit of an elastic indentation in my skin.

Tonight, Bug took me out to get fried pickles, as per the little Munckie's Request. It was the first time I tried to put on jeans in about a week and a half. They were tiiiiiight. Like, lay-down-to-zip-'em-up tight. Oh, the muffintop.

After the appetizer, I felt my button literally blow out of the loop. It was pretty dramatic and I was embarrassed. Luckily my sweatshirt covered it. By the time we were finished with the main course, the zipper had come down on its own.

When we got home, I dropped the draws and low and behold, I had an indentation of a zipper on my lower abdomen. So hott.

While I will not purchase maternity clothes as early as five weeks, I think it is time for a belly band, so that I can still wear my clothes.. Ugh, wonder if it is too late to write a quick letter to Santa..

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