Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Shower!!!

Yesterday was my NJ shower. My Mom and sister threw a great party and it was a total surprise. I thought I was going down there for a dinner for my sister. DH dropped me off at my parent's lake house in NY where my Dad was. He was going to drive me to their house in Colts Neck. Little did I know that his car has no AC.

Dear Daddy,
I am 8 months pregnant and on my way to
a really nice dinner. Now that I am 600
degrees and a sweaty mess, I am going to look
like crap for dinner - which actually turned out
to be my shower. STOP BEING CHEAP AND
Love, Anastasia

So when I got there with frizz all over my head and makeup running down my face, I was REALLY surprised. It was all of my Mom's family and my Dad's Mom as well. My mom made little chocolates and a really beautiful pink cake. She also made one of those oversized cupcakes for the Daddy. DH couldn't make it because of work so she sent me home with a nice treat for him.

We played a bunch of games including "Which candy does this dirty diaper smell like" eeww. My nose still has prego super sense so I won 3/4.

I could not eat most of the food. My very silly Mama had mini cold cut sandwiches, lobster salad and eggplant parm. The cake was delish though. I will post pics when I get them!!

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