Friday, October 30, 2009


Claude is a blue beta that Bug and I bought right before our wedding. He was purchased at pet smart a the week before our wedding. He was an aggressive little bugger, so I named him Claude, after a surly man at Bug's previous job. He lived in a glass vase for the week leading up to our wedding.

On the day of our wedding, he was placed in a hurricane vase. On the bottom of the vase was beautiful sea glass and sea shells. It was a happy little environment for Claude. He made an appearance on our special day as the centerpiece of our Candy Buffet. He is in the back behind the buckets of candy, chillin at the top of the Vase. Too cute!

The night of the wedding, Bug's Mom & Dad took him back to their room and then he went back to NY while we are on our Honeymoon. When we moved to North Carolina, he was put in a tupperware container and sat up front with me for the move. He now sits in our hallway, greeting everyone that comes in and out of our home.

Gotta luv a little guy who costs next to nothing to have and swims to the surface to greet you every morning as you feed him!!

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  1. I love beta fish! I had a lot of them growing up... one named Dude, one named Zeppelin (like Led Zeppelin), one named Mr. Fishy, one named Jim (after Jim Morrison) and one named Vai (after Steve Vai, the guitarist). They are very beautiful and peaceful fish. I love that he was part of your centerpiece and that he got to make an appearance on your special day :P/