Friday, June 4, 2010

Bling - Bling

When I was little, I can distinctly remember my moms necklace. It was a gold lace heart that had a pearl that bounced around inside it. I would always pull on it and actually broke the chain twice (so I was told). My mothers remedy to this was to play a game with me. She would put the heart in her mouth and then blow it out at me.

I would make her do it for hours, and when she would stop, I would put it in her mouth for her!! Then I learned that I could put it in MY mouth..big mistake. I almost swallowed it once. That was the end of my mom wearing that necklace.

Babies chew jewelery all the time. They yank on it, gum it and fixate on it. Since I was a child, they came out with wonderful chewable jewelery. It serves a great purpose and yet is still fashionable. There are many brands and makers out there and one of my favs is Smart Mom Jewelry. They have great patterns and designs.

Currently, one of my fav Momma bloggers is giving one away. I hesitantly give you the link because I want one THAT BADLY!!! But I will be nice, here it is:

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