Wednesday, May 19, 2010

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss:
Still down 17 lbs. from pre-preggers

Maternity clothes?
Right now I am sportin my maternity swim suit. Owe Owe!!

My Mommie bought me a body pillow. I spend a lot of the night tossing and turning, but it does help me initially fall asleep. After that it winds up on the floor and Mr. Bristol uses it as a pillow.

Best moment this week:
Being told that I was glowing.

Major emotional roller coaster this week!

I have a female Lawerence Tynes in there and she is
killin me!

Belly Button:
I think it is getting a little shallow but it was way to deep from the beginning to pop...I hope.

Frustrated since we are not sure where we will be when she is born and I want to start touring the hospital, working on the nursery..etc.

Food cravings:
Greasy fast food cheeseburgers. My wonderful hubby allowed me to indulge at cook out last night : )

Food aversions:
Milk by itself

Little princess

Labor Signs:
Braxton Hicks have started. Had them twice this past week.

What I miss:
Being able to bend down without sticking my ass in the air

What I am looking forward to:
Bug's parents are being so generous and purchasing the baby furniture. Cant wait to see it!

Weekly Wisdom:
Don't try to do it all. You ARE pregnant and need to take it easy. Don't get discouraged that you can't do it all either.

Began getting Braxton Hicks contractions

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