Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Big" Ultrasound

So Friday we went for our "big" ultrasound. We already knew the sex of the baby, so we were going to check out all the major organs, 10 fingers, 10 toes...etc.

Now, let me say that I am NOT a fan of my obstetricians office. There is only 1 doctor at the office which means every time we see her, she rushes so quickly through everything. Hello? First timer here?! I have questions, comments, concerns! The other person you see at this office is a certified nurse midwife. She does not rush, which is nice, however her and the doctor have two totally different points of view!!! The midwife is all about natural birthing and hypnobirthing, while the doctor is quite the opposite. It is really frustrating to hear that I am not gaining enough weight one week, and then the following month I see the doc and she says I am fine... it sends me fuming out of the office...

AANNYYWAYS.. We had the doctor for our ultrasound. She was in a pissy mood for one reason or another, chewing out a nurse right before she entered our room. They were all out of printer paper, so we did not get any new pics of our little one- this angered me enough - this is the only way our family can see Munckie. She rushed through so fast that I had to slow her down and ask her WTF we were looking at.

All in all, brain looks good, 10 fingers, 10 toes, bladder, kidneys, belly - all good. Munckie was laying face down so in order to see the her, doc was monitoring through her back. She couldnt definitively see four chambers. She said when I go back in two weeks for a glucose test, we could check it again

Bottom line - Munckie is doing great and I can't wait to move so I can get a new OB - hopefully before the little one makes her way into the world!!

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