Wednesday, January 20, 2010

9 Weeks

How far along? 9 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Down 9 lbs. from pre-pregnancy/Down 1 lb. from last week.
Maternity clothes? Still utilizing the B-band. A lil bump is there but it just looks like fat.
Sleep: Still waking up every hour or so to go back to my left side which I find the most comfortable.
Best moment this week: Being able to hold down a meal!
Symptoms: Morning sickness is slowly subsiding ::knocks on wood::. Now, the fatigue, gas and increased appetite are the culprits!
Movement: No movement..can't wait though!

Belly Button: Still a cave. Piercing is beginning to get uncomfortable.
Attitude: So excited to head to my doctors appointment and meet our little Munckie! Happier now that the M/S is almost under control.
Food cravings: Oranges, clementines and the salsa bar at a mexican restaurant that is 900 miles away.
Food aversions:
The general refrigerator region
Gender: Still thinking boy, Bug and his mom say Girl
Labor Signs: Nope
What I miss: Kickboxing
What I am looking forward to: Seeing Munckie later today!
Weekly Wisdom: No matter how sick you are, the thought of seeing the lil bean for the first time makes you feel great!
Milestones: All limbs, fingers, and toes are developed!

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