Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Visit

Today was our first appointment. It was a Nurse's Meet and Greet, as they called it. We went in expecting paperwork and getting to know you's. We got that, plus we saw the Munckie.

This is my first time ever having a pregnancy visit. I am absolutely clueless. The nurse took me into the office and acted like I was old hat at all of this. I go into the bathroom, pee in a cup (p.s.-which I am horrible at) and bring it out with me. Apparently this is incorrect, the pee pee cup has to go through this little door. Fail numero uno.

We went into the room and sat there while our nurse paced the halls for literally 10 minutes. In correlation with the issues I had last Saturday, I was convinced she was thinking of a way to tell me that we are not pregnant anymore. Well, still pregnant but I got scolded for not drinking enough water. Fail.

Nurse asked all sorts of question and gave us plenty of advice. We got a bag full of goodies, a planner, PNV's, and heat patches for my back pain - Yay!

Then we went to the ultra sound room.

She found the baby quickly and we saw our little Munckie moving it's head and hanging out. Most important; we saw the heartbeat.

After that I had too much blood drawn and was sent home, told to return in 2 weeks. That appointment will be a visit with the doctor. We can't wait. Just happy everything is good in there!

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