Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve's in Review

New Year's Eve - 2006

I had bronchitis and was also getting over the flu. Regardless, I got silly drunk with my BF (now DH) and a group of friends. We played beer pong in our basement, ate all of the left over food in the house, as we had ridiculous munchies, and did not go to bed till around 7 A.M.. We got up at 9 A.M. because we were hopping on a plane along with his family to go to Disney for the week. Hungover + no sleep = Cranky Bitch Anastasia

New Year's Eve - 2007

Now engaged, my fiance, three of our friends, and myself went out to dinner at an all you can eat sushi bar. We. Took. Advantage! When we got home, we went into the basement and played "Civil War" beer pong. If you have never played, ask me for the rules. It is a sick game and way more intense than regular pong. Later more friends and neighbors came over and we all watched the ball drop together. We stayed up till about 3 A.M. and partied pretty hard.

New Year's Eve - 2008

Still engaged, my fiance, sister and I went to the same restaurant for all you can eat sushi. Again, stuffed myself to beyond capacity. We went to a friend's home after dinner. We played rock band, had entirely too many shots and rang in the New Year all together. Got home around 4, and went to sleep around 5 A.M.. The hangover was immense and I swore I would never drink again.

New Year's Eve - 2009

My first married and knocked up New Year's. Since we have moved, we no longer have Red Ginger for all-you-can-eat sushi. My wonderful husband found a great sushi place. I can only eat the cooked stuff so my menu was limited but I still managed to stuff myself silly. The restaurant was great. Not a chain so it had a very homey feeling. We met the owner and he was hysterical. At one point he came over to us and said to Bug, "You look full, want me to burp you?". I almost projected my nirvana roll all over the table. At around 9 P.M. we headed home. Yes, I went to bed at 9 on New Year's. Egh..Bug was not having that so he grabbed me and dragged me downstairs. Somehow, utilizing toothpicks and crazy glue, I kept my eyes open. For the first time in my life, I could not wait for the ball to drop. After Dick Clark's very sweet, yet screwed up countdown and a very sexy Happy New Year's kiss, we went to bed. I was in bed at 12:07 A.M.. I felt pretty pathetic but apparently this baby has an "Early to bed, early to rise attitude". While I do not agree, all of this is well worth it.

Happy New Year!

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