Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This week is a week of anniversaries for us.

On the fifteenth, it was two years ago that DH proposed to me.

On the sixteenth, it was one year that we have had our lil puggle - Colby.

On the seventeenth, it was three years since DH asked me to be his girlfriend. (the second time around...eeesh)

Today, the nineteenth, it is our 5 month wedding anniversary.

We had a special little dinner to honor all of our anniversaries. It stinks that Aunt Flow came yesterday, as that would have been a wonderful gift!!

I have given Bug a card and a small gift each month that we have been married. This month, I gave him a card with a pacifier and a bib that says I love my Daddy. He teared up a little and said the quietest and cutest 'thanks' ever. We do not have a little one who needs those things yet, but Bug really appreciated them!

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