Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here comes Sata Claus!

Today was a day of decorating in this lil house. We got out all of the decorations. Our plan was to decorate outside first in case it got dark. We dragged all of the icicle lights outside and Bug took the extension ladder off of his work truck. We set up the ladder, I climbed halfway to the tallest peak and it was then that I realized that I am not afraid of heights, but I respect them.

The peaks were way too tall to decorate by hand. It just was not going to happen. I thought maybe it would be easier to climb on the roof and lay on my belly to do it by hand instead of on the ladder. Well, pictures of my father freaking out because he is so afraid of heights that when I would clean the gutters, he would tie me to the chimney. SO, I decided against laying on the roof.

We went to Lowe's and discovered a nifty pole that extended and had clips for the lights. It was perfect. We took it home. After 9 hours, hanging out windows, and having more shingle rocks fall in my eyes than necessary, it was finished. & it looked beautiful! We completed the look with Candy Canes down the driveway and some other lights here and there.

I am so excited for the Holiday season! - ran out of time to do the inside, so that will be tomorrows task

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    Merry Christmas Happy New Year