Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful For(s)...

Due to the fact that I neglected my blog for the few days that my family was here, I think I owe about 5 things that I am thankful for. So here goes...

My parents. This was obviously inspired by my mothers visit where she bought me a new pants suit-yay. My parents have always been so good to me. They bend over backwards and sideways to try to make my life easier, even if it means making their life harder. Maybe that is what being a parent is all about.

Write that down..

I am thankful for my faith. I am grateful that when things get tough and I feel as if I have no where else to turn, I realize that I have God. While sitting in church this week, I realized that it would be very selfish to pray for us to get pregnant. There are so many couples out there that have been trying for so long, so I could not ask for that. I did however, ask that when he is ready and he things we are ready, to give us a healthy baby.

I am thankful for love. Even though some argue that it is only a chemical reaction. I believe that love is the root of so many things in life. Friendships, family, marriage, getting pregnant, babies, children, holidays, weekends, pets & so much more. I am thankful that I have so much love in my life and so much love for others.

Today, I am thankful for chocolate. It is a small thing in life that can make such a big difference. When I am having a rough day, chocolate is a big help!

Finally, a biggie, Friends. I am thankful for the few friendships that I still have left after the move. I am also thankful for the many friends we have made since we moved. Friends are very important in life. They are like family that you get to choose and get to choose you. I am so grateful for the few friendships that I have that I feel are "unconditional."

Well, that catches me up to today.

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